Kripa Montessori Programs blend academic, practical and character development

Infant/Toddler Program (0- 2 years)

We guide your child to develop physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Teachers facilitate a smooth transition from home to school and help build your infant or toddler’s self esteem. Your infants and toddlers will develop the building blocks of learning with Kripa’s support.

Pre-Primary Program (2-3 years)

Kripa’s program for two-year olds promotes the goal of independence in older toddlers. Beautifully-organized and diverse Montessori materials entice the child to touch and explore. Classroom activities focus on the development of motor, linguistic and social skills, as well as pre-reading and pre-math concepts. Teachers actively support the potty training process that parents conduct at home. The kind and loving environment fostered by our teachers helps children become comfortable outside the family unit. The classroom functions as a second home for students.

Primary Program (3-6 years)

A child from this age group is a sensorial explorer soaking up every aspect of the environment, including language and culture. Our fully prepared home for this age group is designed to develop social skills, language, motor coordination, and perceptual skills. We emphasize spoken language, reading and writing by teaching the phonetic sounds of letters, construction of words with movable alphabets, and introductory grammar. Students build a secure foundation of math principles, basic skills and problem solving abilities by performing mathematical operations with concrete materials. Additionally, science, geography, history, art, music, aerobics and Spanish are incorporated. This is a multi-age room which will enable the older, more socially advanced and capable children to become role models for the younger ones. In a multi-age classroom, children can choose friendships based on common interest, not just age.

Daily Schedule**

7:00 am          Breakfast

8:00 am          Arrival & welcome

8:30 am          Line Time

9:00 am          Montessori Work Period

10:30 am        Snack

10:45 am        Extra Programs (STEM, Hindi, Spanish, Music, EHV, seasonal crafts and projects, etc)

11:30 am        Large Motor Activities

12:00 pm        Lunch

1:00 pm          Nap/Rest period

3:00 pm          Snack

3:30 pm          Large Motor Activities

4:00 pm          Academic/Montessori Work Period

5:00 pm          Group activities, Puzzles, Coloring, Story time


* Before 8:30am and after 5pm, children of all age groups may be mixed together for expanded activities, social games, and group projects in a relaxed, nurturing environment.


** Schedules may vary slightly throughout the year and are different for each age group. Teachers can provide a more specific schedule for their class upon request.