Half Day or Full Day Kindergarten

We provide opportunities for parents who are looking for full day kindergarten options.  Children who are ready for advanced academic can work in our extended and full day programs. Early education students gain improved academic skills through assignments in reading, science, and math. Our kindergarten program are designed to build upon the learning and development that is already taking place in the Pre-Primary and preschool classrooms.

Half Day Kindergarten

Kripa’s half-day kindergarten programs provide a high quality developmental platform for children by combining 2 important aspects of childhood development.  1 ) An educational curriculum constantly formulated and re-formulated by Kripa’s Montessori staff, geared towards teaching children empathy, rules, organization, directions, art, writing, math, imagination, relationship development and social skills and 2) Having Child/Parent bonding time, which is crucial to the emotional development of young children and helps foster better long term relationship building.

Full Day Kindergarten

Kripa’s developmentally appropriate full-day kindergarten offers a relaxed atmosphere focused on child-centered, creative activities, as well as opportunities for developing social skills. Kripa’s full-day kindergarten programs provide field trips, activity centers, projects, and free play. Our student programs are focused on achieving growth in basic skill areas and in preparing children for first grade. Nothing can supplement the time spent with parents but a full-day kindergarten program can help increase academic achievement while reducing the probability that children will require extra attention in early elementary grades.

Daily Schedule**

7:00 am          Breakfast

8:00 am          Arrival & welcome

8:30 am          Line Time

9:00 am          Montessori Work Period

10:30 am        Snack

10:45 am        Extra Programs (STEM, Hindi, Spanish, Music, EHV, seasonal crafts and projects, etc)

11:30 am        Large Motor Activities

12:00 pm        Lunch

1:00 pm          Nap/Rest period

3:00 pm          Snack

3:30 pm          Large Motor Activities

4:00 pm          Academic/Montessori Work Period

5:00 pm          Group activities, Puzzles, Coloring, Story time


* Before 8:30am and after 5pm, children of all age groups may be mixed together for expanded activities, social games, and group projects in a relaxed, nurturing environment.


** Schedules may vary slightly throughout the year and are different for each age group. Teachers can provide a more specific schedule for their class upon request.