Kripa’s History

We founded our first Kripa Montessori School in August of 2006 in the village of Bartlett, a northwest suburb of Chicago, the first Montessori school to serve in the surrounding communities.

Through the hard work of our educators and the kindness of the parents, our Barlett location was a success.  Since then, we opened a satellite school in Hoffman Estates in 2010 and a Schaumburg location in 2015.

Our success is largely due to our dedicated and experienced staff — many have been with us since the very beginning! Our leadership team brings over 30 years of experience and strives for excellence every day. As a result, we continually provide innovative preschool programs, outstanding customer service, and a loving, caring environment for your child.

Childhood Philosophy

At Kripa Montessori, we believe in embracing the diversity around us. The Montessori Method is a foundation for whole child development and academic learning, which we supplement with best practices and proven methods in Early Childhood Education and Human Values Education.

Teaching Values!

Our immersion program brings forth the positive values that are inherent in young children. We focus on the universal human values of love, truth, peace, non-violence & right conduct.

Positive Attitude!

We help develop a child’s character through positive reinforcement and nurtured curiosity.  We believe that allowing children to choose their own route to discovery creates a healthier relationship with the world around them.


Our expanding list of developmental programs allows parents and children to choose what routes they think are best for the personal growth of their child.

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The Montessori Method

“It is necessary to give children the possibility of developing according to
the laws of their nature, so that they can become strong, and having
become strong, can do even more than we dared hope for them” 

– Maria Montessori

What is Montessori Style Learning

Our Montessori-certified teachers employ proven Montessori methods with a particular focus on academics and hands-on instruction for the early learner. Some Montessori practices we follow include:

  • Line Time: Group games, exercises, and active learning in a structured community circle to foster equality and sharing
  • Work Time: Children choose what to learn each day and work independently with guidance and encouragement from teachers
  • Auto-didactic Materials: Students learn by exploring and manipulating carefully designed learning materials which encompass language, math, science, geography, sensorial, and practical life subject areas.

We believe that every child progresses at their own pace. As a result, while a child may need to be gently persuaded or offered alternatives on occasion, they will never be forced to participate in any activity they find uncomfortable.

Certified Educators

Kripa classrooms are staffed with a Montessori-certified teachers and assistants. All of our teachers and assistants surpass the standards set by IL State DCFS for Daycare Staff, and are all First Aid/CPR Certified. Our lead teachers have college level training in Early Childhood Education. Our entire faculty frequently attends professional development and continuing education workshops in order to improve and enhance our teaching and classroom management abilities.

Our Goals for your Child

  • Prepare our students for entry into elementary school with a positive attitude and love of learning.
  • Build the foundation for linguistic expression by emphasizing spoken language.
  • Develop aptitude in basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division before completion of the primary program.
  • Cultivate literacy skills.
  • Bring out the inherent human values in all students.

Thought’s From KMS Parents